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01-06-2012, 10:46 AM
Anybody get 2 U yet?
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Originally Posted by tomcho View Post
I'm sad to report my latest purchase for my rink was a pool skimmer and a telescoping handle. It's currently a 5" deep pool and 4 of the next 7 days are forcasted to be in the 40s. I can only hope this early season warmth means an extended cold through March.
I feel your pain. I live in Southwestern Ontario and we've had nothing but 40F days lately.
I've got ice, but it's not very strong and it's melting by the day.

I'm now hoping February is a good month, because forecasts show that January might be a write-off.

It really stinks because I was able to expand the size of the rink this year (roughly 50x30).
Both of my boys are old enough now to really appreciate it and they're dying to get out on it.
Not only that, but we've had almost no snow.
So if we had ice, I wouldn't have to shovel and we could use our patio for bonfires for entertaining and hot chocolate.

Stupid global warming!

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