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Originally Posted by Vexxed14 View Post

You either have one or you don't. I wont go as far as to say every 'concussion like symptom" is a real concussion in disguise. You can suffer whiplash or other neck/shoulder injuries that result in similar symptoms as a concussion. There doesn't need to be a quote from some doctor jumping on the media bandwagon to make that clear.

With other terms like upper body injury and lower body injury, the only thing that is clear is that the NHL is not clear with injuries in general. Doesn't make the speculation accurate either
Connolly was out with concussion like symptoms when it was a neck/jaw injury. This was while with the Sabres and they thought it was a concussion and once they found the cause and corrected it the symptons went away.


Desjardins estimates that about 40% of the game is captured by Corsi analysis.
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