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01-06-2012, 11:19 AM
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I was walking toward the line for Genoís, and these guys in Flyers jerseys bribed a black dude, who might be a window cleaner for cars and such, to spray his cleaner at [the Rangers fans who were in line at Genoís]. I got some sprayed on me, but I walked away from the black dude. Then he went back across the street to [the Flyers fans], and they were just cracking up so hard. So the Rangers fans started yapping at them, so all verbal out there. [Lou says he can read lips, and that his cousin confirmed it was mostly ďRangers suck,Ē from one side, and ďRangers are number one,Ē from the other...]

Then the Flyers fans went after them, which I started filming, as you could see in the video. Then after that the video ended. And after two minutes, that dude who got knocked out got up and needed some medical help, so he got a lot of ice from Genoís to put on his face. One of the guys in the Flyers jerseys [the one seen in the video trying to break up the fight] offered [the Rangers fans] a couple of steaks. They walked away.

That was it. In that line there was like 3-1 Rangers fans, they all stood there and watched, didnít even move to help or to call cops. Only one Flyers fan tried to break it up.

The Rangers fans [initially] said something that offended [the Flyers fans], which made [the Flyers fans] come to them, but that little dude [the guy who eventually got knocked out] tried to tell them to stop, donít start, but the Flyers guy just ignored him and took his jacket off and punched his face. So the Flyers guy went too far.
The Flyers guys were hanging out at the bar, across from Genoís, so police should go there and ask for some info, like if he used his credit card at that bar [editorís note: most likely South Philly Bar & Grill], or anything that can get his name. Iíll remember what they look like [if] I see them.

Itís crazy out there with people [blaming me] and all. I just said that I taped it. I was like wow.
The video which I took is just way too popular, and I made a mistake to post it on YouTube. Someone copied it and let the news know about it. I thought it was nothing big until I heard this guy was a vet, which made it big. Oh well, Iíll learn next time.

You can post what Iíve told you, and maybe that might help a little to catch those guys.

Crossing Broad

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