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01-06-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Since Holmgren made the "stupid deal" that you speak of with Bryzgalov, do you really think he's going to be trading him away just to get rid of the contract 4 MONTHS INTO IT?!?!?!? Does it sound like Holmgren to admit he made a mistake and trade Schenn just to get rid of that mistake?

It'd be like trading Richards for Ward... boy, that sure is a good deal for the Flyers.

You wanted us to trade Bryz + Schenn + 1st for Ward + Pitkanen.

So in other words, you want to trade Bryzgalov's 5.67M cap hit till the end of 2018 (when Bryz will retire) for Ward's 6.3M cap hit till the end of 2016. Well... that really does a lot to help our cap situation, doesn't it? Add an extra 600K to our cap and trade away Schenn + 1st just to shave 2 years off of a contract.

God our fans can be stupid...

EDIT: And if you don't understand what I mean about Bryz retiring, go look @ the structure of his deal on capgeek:

He's due to make 5.5M in 17-18, 2.25M in 18-19, and 1.25M in 19-20.
If he is still playing well in 2018, then great, he will hopefully play out the contract. If he stinks though and he's relegated to the bench, he will retire to be with his family and then he won't be on our cap.

Also, if you really think his contract is terrible, there's likely going to be a buyout clause in the new CBA, allowing for a one-time buyout of a player that will take him totally off of your team's cap.

How old are you?

1. Do i ever say, that i believe Homer will ever do it??
2. Ward over Bryz any day of the week
3. Wards Contract over Bryz contract any day of the week
4. Bryz contract will stay at 5,666,667. No one cares a **** about the real numbers he earns
5. After Wards Contract he will be 32!!! Bryz 39!!!
6. Ward had won a CUP!!
7. Ward had won a CUP with LAVIOLETTE

OMG i better stop myself now......

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Haha, that's what what I've been saying!

I know ;D and im with you

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