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01-06-2012, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by jkscott View Post
The suspension doesn't merit that it was racist. The NHL said that if it was found to be racist he would of got 7-10 games.

The question is if it wasn't a racist comment then why did he get suspended? What is inappropriate about a banana peel?
It reminds me of the "tripping/diving" paired penalties. If a player gets 2 min for "unsportsmanlike/diving" then why does the other player get a tripping call? If he dove, then there was no trip, and if there was a trip, then he didn't dive.
Also. Whether it was a racial slur or not, how does anyone know whether or not Subban made a racial slur towards Barich first? Maybe it was a retaliation type of slur because Subban made a remark first. You never know.

I do agree however, that the penalty was ridiculous. No one, not even Subban, heard the comment except the linesman. No one on either team heard him say anything racial and yet he got a game misconduct during that game, and an extra game.

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