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01-06-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by supahdupah View Post
If I was 25 I would not pick Winnipeg to play hockey, but I also wouldn't pick Edmonton, Ottawa, Buffalo, Columbus, Nashville ......

Winnipeg or NYC? NYC easy choice. Have you need to NYC? Awesome city. Montreal? Awesome city. Vancouver is aight too, Chicago as well. After that they all start to become the same really. Winnipeg has always been about perception. We aren't the Winnipeg of old. If this city can maintain the crowds and atmosphere and start winning, we'll be fine. Not everyone can play in those prime markets.

EDIT: I could always move to Toronto where everything is the best.
I hate NYC. I mean really really hate it. People are jackasses, too crowded, hard to get around, too crowded, smog, etc. My least favourite city in NA. Honestly.

Seriously, ignoring everything my order probably goes Boston, San Jose, Chicago, Montreal if I had to choose NHL cities to play in ignoring anything on the hockey side. Of course no player in his right mind ignores the hockey side. IMO, the city makes little difference, and honestly if I had a family to think of, WPG is very high on my list anyways.


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