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01-06-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by camaro27 View Post
There is no way in hell the flyer fans just started punching the rangers fans. Something had to be said. If the ranger fan was not a cop this would not be a big issue. I for one can't stand cops ans feel no remorse for the cop. I bet he was talking **** and the flyer fans shut him up big time. I can not wait until the truth comes out so we can see what really happen. I will bet you the ranger fan played a big part in getting is ass kicked
With that attitude I honestly hope you never come to the ACC for a game

The biggest mark of maturity you can have is to not let things escalate - everyone makes decisions and the flyers fans decided to escalate it past verbal to assault (both with the cleaner and the punches). The fact that you don't feel remorse for someone solely because they are a police officer tells a lot - this is a human who was at a game with his son, trying to get a cheese steak at a tourist place.

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