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Originally Posted by jskramer83 View Post
This right here is exactly what is wrong with Philly, and shows the Philly mindset. While it sounds like your a pretty straight up individual, the only reason it is a stupid idea to wear an opposing jersey at one of the more famous food spots in Philly, is the risk of getting beat up.

When is the last time you heard of someone getting beat up at Shake Shack in nyc for wearing a Flyer Jersey? There should be no fear of this
Haha really guy? Thank you for pointing this out to all of us here I think we'll all just stop rooting for the Flyers now because of the Philly mindset it's a respect thing I would never wear a jersey, hat, shirt, or anything of my team in an opposing town after my team handled the home town team, **** is just dumb and you can completely avoid a stupid situation, now what these *******s did to the fans with the Rangers jersey's on is complete ***** ****, I still hold true to not wearing my teams colors after they beat the home team, and you're going to tell us all here that just because it hasn't been covered on the news that a Rnagers fan hasn't gone after other teams fans ever, oh that's right only Philly fans do this I'm guessing, look every fanbase has idiots some more than others but to generalize a comment about the Philly mindset is jerked off, which brings me to the most important point all this time we are on these boards responding to each others posts about who's worse, and who's fanbase is bigger d-bags, and how this never happens here, we could be helping out the victims family with words of encouragement and trying to take steps to stop this dumb **** from happening, I have no beef with Rangers fans, Bruins fans, Devilas fans Cap fans, it's the best sport in the world to me, we all as a fanbase already have ESPN and the rest of the sports world against us, we really don't need to be fighting amounst ourselves as hockey fans

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