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01-06-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by thepuckmonster View Post
So, should I rally to my uncle to take me to this Penalty Box bar? I imagine if he wears his Kessel jersey, he'll get all the flack. haha.

Random story, I don't know if you guys care but I thought it was funny: I was in Toronto with my uncle a couple days before New Years and we went to a sports bar so I could watch the Canucks vs Anaheim game. I wore my jersey and some drunk Leafs fan came up to me and proceeded to tell me in great detail about how the Leafs are going to win it all in 2012. And then he tried to start a 'Kessel is better than Kesler' argument. Needless to say I was all sorts of 'o____O'.

I don't get all the Bruins fan hate, Leafs fans are about 50000x times more irritating and unbearable.
It's too bad you don't get to live around them

We've had two years of our Leafs-tanking threads being trolled and "We won the Kessel trade/Seguin is a bust" posts, so we know how annoying they are, but they are a bit like some loser cousin who shoots his mouth off at family know he's a loser, so it's hard to get a good hate going for him. One needs a little success to bring out the venom.

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