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Originally Posted by Jonathan17 View Post
It's too bad you don't get to live around them

We've had two years of our Leafs-tanking threads being trolled and "We won the Kessel trade/Seguin is a bust" posts, so we know how annoying they are, but they are a bit like some loser cousin who shoots his mouth off at family know he's a loser, so it's hard to get a good hate going for him. One needs a little success to bring out the venom.
Ahh, you live in Oakville, so I'm sure you understand.

It sounds pitiful and low, but I love nothing more than lurking Calgary Puck after the Flames lose. They all go on suicide watch. I find it more hilarious that half of them are bandwagoner Bruins fans because they beat the Canucks. Its like, really? You actually need to hop on a successful team to intensify a heated division rivalry? Sad days. It still makes me laugh that 9 times out of 10 they spell it 'Zedeno Charra'. I'm not even kidding.

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