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11-06-2003, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by stanley
I can't recall the general theme of Smith's suggestions, but I do recall that I felt it was a bit too radical for my taste.
Bobby Smith in THN '03 - '04 Yearbook advocated 6 feet red and blue lines instead of the 1 foot they are now. He chose 6 feet somewhat arbitrarily because the nets are 6 feet wide - sounds good enough for me . This would increase the neutral zone by six feet hurting the trap and increasing the distance of the two line pass by 6 feet.
The offensive zones would increase by 2 feet from 73 feet to 75 feet. The theory behind the extra two feet is that forwrds would not be able to collapse as far in th e defensive zone.
With the players much larger than in the past (pre 90's), they need more room.
I think he makes a compelling argument, and would recommend everyone read it, as I can't possibly do it justice here.

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