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Originally Posted by FinRuutu View Post
Heija Swedes.

Is there still lots of refusals when Swede hockey players are asked to join? I know (from Finnish media) that you guys have had that problem before. Of course every nation has some but there was this one year few years back that almost every NHL Swede refused to join the team. ( I can't remember the year.)

Another question; Are the Red Wings players underrated in Sweden because of the fact that they don't usually if ever play in WC? It's the case with Filppula and I know it was the case with Datsyuk with Russians before Olympics.

I think that the refusals has changed a bit now. the new staff is much more active in its contacts with NHL players, while BÅG basically didn't give a **** and had to reap his reward of lukewarm players.

I do not know for sure about Detroit players, but certainly it is true to a certain extent. I would say that most Swedes hold Forsberg as a better player than Lidström (I actually do, but that is another story), just because Forsberg did tear it up in SEL before going to NHL; the Lillehammer gold did contribute a tad bit too of course.

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