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12-19-2005, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by doom2
Yeah, the pain feels like the bottoms of my feet are cramping... I don't have flat feet though (at least I think I don't ). Well, maybe the same will happen to me, feet get used to it or skates get broken in.
I recently bought a new pair of Bauers and I have the same pain at times. I used to have the leather boot and I switched to these new synthetic ones. The guy at the shop told me that they are typically less comfortable than the leather boot.

I'd say if you switched from the leather to the synthetic material + didn't get them molded at the shop that would be whats making your feet ache.

What I have found helps is to heat them up and wear them a lot. I got mine heated up and wore them for about an hour, relacing them up every 20 minutes. It cut down on the discomfort but it hasn't really ever gone away.

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