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01-06-2012, 08:14 PM
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Why are the NYR so good?

Having this conversation at a bar with a few fellow blueshirt fans and a few Devil fans......when asked what is the single biggest difference between NYR this season and last----accounting for their success.....what would it be?

I stumbled at first for an answer.....but finally, I said....'it's gotta be the system."

Yes LUNDY is boss.....Richards balances the lines and roster throughout...Cally is the best capt. since Mess.....Gabby is playing like Gabby should....Defense is surprisingly good despite injuries....

But what accounts for the unprecedented success.....ultimately it's all these factors, sure.......

But my response was TORTS-----its the coaching, it the leadership and the fact that the players and TORTS are working in harmony.....all on the same page.....cohesion if you will.

And of course......Lundy, Lundy, Lundy.

Whats the overall consensus out there, with regard to critical factors, that explain our stellar season thus far.....

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