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01-06-2012, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
I haven't logged on to this site in forever but naturally I have to put in my opinion.

#1- We can all agree this is a horrible thing to happen to anyone, I do not care that it was a cop or a veteran. The same would go for anyone that this happened too, the fact that it was a cop and a veteran is why it is such big news.

#2- Who the **** goes to GENO's in a RANGERS jersey after your team just had a huge victory in the Winter Classic? Simple common sense tells you not to wear the opposing teams colors, minutes after a huge victory, to a local spot filled with all drunk people that just had their hearts broken.

Perfect example of being oblivious to the world we live in. Not saying it's the Rangers fans fault at all but they had to know something like this could have happened.

The end.
It's truly a shame that one cannot wear an opposing team's jersey when going to a restaurant after a game. is offline   Reply With Quote