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01-06-2012, 08:51 PM
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Seriously, how long can Lombardi sit back

And not force a trade for some kind of offensive help? I just got done watching the game from last night, as I had to work, and that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, like after so many games this season, just gives way to anger. I have always been a Lombardi supporter but this is just getting ridiculous.

It isnt like we don't have the players, parts, and pieces to make a deal. If we have to overpay so be it. I just wonder how much longer Dean can watch this.

Yes, I guess it's possible that Dean has been burning up the phones behindd the scenes but without ANY leaks that I've seen. Have a hard time believing that. Could he really wait until the trade deadline or is he just waiting to see how many 1-0 games we can win while weighing that against how many 1-0 games Quick loses? It really is astounding to me. Teams 30th in offense that are still in the hunt for a playoff spot tend to make moves to solidify the roster and bolster what they are lacking, sometimes *GASP* even before the deadline.

Sorry for the angry rant. You guys know i never start threads i just had to get this off my chest

Something HAS to be done. Quick could use a little help, eh?


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