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01-06-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Josh Deitell View Post
We haven't lost a game in regulation in almost three weeks and people are clamoring for a shake up...
I think the big reason is that we can't keep this up... I don't know about a shakeup, but we can't rely on Quick to be the best goaltender in the league just to get us to limp into the last playoff spot. Whether it is personnel, system, staff, or some crazy mental thing, it doesn't matter, if we continue like we are, the odds are we may not make it. We can't be 30th in the league on offense and expect to be competitive. Most people sense that and it is causing panic and it is causing these threads. Things can't continue as they are, and we have been "working on" the offense for quite some time now with very little success. Something has to change and we are getting to the point where that something might not be internal. We will wait and see, but the deadline is in sight. If we miss the playoffs, who knows, maybe Lombardi's job is in jeopardy. Things will get interesting, that we can say for certain at least...


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