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Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
On CNN during the Dawson incident, Montreal Police used a word that CNN ran with and still uses "Neutralize" It's gone world wide. We had 2 incidents that made us world wide, enough!

2 Colleges, how do we know what's in the guys mind? In downtown Montreal you bring a weapon, you could die, this is OK!
Unless you were there at the scene of the crime, it's hard to make sense of it all. Comparing one situation to another isn't really relevant.

In this case, a man stabbed an officer twice. Once in the neck, once in the abdomen. That is an attempt to injure, as both those stab wounds can be fatal. For all we know, the other officers on hand had very little time to react before the suspect either attempted to flee the scene or grab another passerby to hold as a shield.

Yes, an officer's duty is to immobilize the suspect by either shooting them in the leg or taking them down physically to the ground. However sometimes situations occur that lead to a cop having to make a decision whether he wants to take out the suspect or give him time to react and possibly hurt another. The notion of "pigs, what do you expect?" is ridiculous. Not all of them are bad and the good ones aren't invincible to making mistakes either. It's a tough job.

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