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01-06-2012, 11:14 PM
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Just being practical and looking at certain team dynamics, here's my take on the possibility of certain players being traded:

Couturier: Is our best defensive center/forward, is only 19 years old, shows 70+ point upside along w/ Selke caliber defense. He is on the ice whenever Lavvy needs our guys to shut down the opposing team's offense. He's also our best or 2nd best PKer. He plays an important role on this team and I don't think he's replaceable. He is also roommates w/ Danny B. Just don't see the Flyers upsetting that arrangement or getting rid of a stud 19 year old like Couturier. Highly unlikely he is moved.

Schenn: Is our best offensive prospect, is only 20 years old and has gigantic upside. In the past few games, he's proven quite responsible defensively and has been winning draws... something this team could really use. He also has a goal and an assist in his last 2 games and seems to be heating up offensively. Additionally, he is ROOMMATES W/ CLAUDE GIROUX. I seriously doubt this team does anything to mess w/ Claude's living arrangement @ this point. When you add in the fact that he was the center-piece of the Richards deal, I don't see him going anywhere for anything less than a giant overpayment.

Danny B: No movement clause + complicated situation w/ his ex wife / over custody of kids + Couturier as roommate = NO CHANCE HE IS TRADED.

Scott Hartnell: One of the locker room leaders of the team, perfect chemistry w/ Giroux, etc. I just don't see him being moved after he stepped his game up, cut out the stupid penalties and has been doing everything his coach has asked of him. I actually see him as a potential future captain (but that's just my opinion).


Of our "most valuable" assets that would be capable of netting us a #1 (or potential #1) defenseman, the only guys that are left are JVR & Voracek.

JVR: 22 years old, hasn't taken that next step forward like some have wanted, although in fairness, he is injured and before said injury, he had 8g, 16pts in 19 games. The organization still thinks very highly of JVR IMO and they just gave him a giant long-term deal. I think they would be very hesitant to move him, considering all of these factors.

Voracek: 22 years old, was thought of as an underachiever (for his talent level) in Columbus. He seems to have taken that next step here in Philly as he has been amazing on the puck, has worked incredibly hard on the back-check, and on many nights has looked like the best player on the ice (even including G). But, he's an RFA this offseason, the Flyers didn't draft him / have no ties to him, and his value has definitely gone up since acquiring him. If we were to make a trade for a #1, I see him as the most likely piece to be going elsewhere, unfortunately.


Looking at everything, I just think it's way, way, way more likely that we acquire a guy like Gleason than someone like Weber or Yandle or OEL or (insert other #1 defenseman here). I just don't see the Flyers as being willing to give up the top-end talent necessary to acquire one of these guys, and rightfully so. We have an excellent young team here... no reason to blow it up (again).

Now if somehow the Predators are out of it and Suter is available @ the deadline as a rental and he commands a normal "rental" price (1st + roster player + mid prospect), then all bets are off about what I said about acquiring a #1. I could see us trading something like 1st + Simmonds + Akeson for Suter.

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