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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I gotta be honest, I'm pretty sure Schenn must've been offered the opportunity to keep his jersey.

I mean, Meigray didn't sell it before the game, so technically it was still up for grabs. But for some reason, it wasn't on the site anymore. Then they put it back up afterwards but didn't raise the price even knowing that it was Schenn's 1st goal jersey. It seems strange and almost impossible that they didn't offer it to Brayden in exchange for his 3rd period jersey.

I would assume that Schenn must've been offered the opportunity to keep it and he probably was like "whatever". He got his 1st goal puck (he definitely kept that b/c all the other goal pucks are up for auction on and I'm sure he kept his stick... that's probably enough for him.

That being said, if you got the opportunity to meet him @ some point (preferably this year) and could bring it with you, it would be a brilliant idea just to gauge his interest in having it. It could be a conversation starter and if you did happen to befriend him or trade some schwag for your jersey, or whatever, there could be some serious perks... think about it. Schenn is roommates w/ Giroux. What could be cooler as a young hockey fan than the chance to bro out w/ Schenn and Giroux and play some NHL 12?!?

Who knows, maybe Giroux will even whip you up some of his mashed potatoes . In fact, if it were me, Giroux's mashed potatoes would have to be included in the deal or else I'd keep the jersey .
Honestly, I'd hold out for a Giroux grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of cereal whipped up by Danny Briere... but, hey... that's just me.

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