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12-19-2005, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by PuckChaser
Thanks for the encouragement guys!

I actually went out today and played some drop-in shinny.
It was real low key - but got some ice time with one guy on my team who could REALLY rip it up - gave me some great assists, and certainly made me feel welcome - and I learned some.

I feel a relentless desire to work on my weaknesses and actually become a decent player at some point.

My skating has come a long way, but has a looong way to go.

I still can't power-stop turning to the right (can do it to the left), and have a generally weak right turn all round - can't really do it with any authority - feels wierd to turn in that direction actually.

The way I figure is that the more ice time I get, the more I play, and the better I'll get.

It's nice to see that people have trecked this same road before and achieved a modicum of succcess.

I appreciate it. Thanks.

One thing you can try to help your development is to stop with the inside of you good foot. That's usually easier then stoping with the outside of your bad foot.

That'll give you all the functionality you need while you work on properly stopping with both feet.

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