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Originally Posted by ArrogantOwl View Post
1. The better your heel is locked down, the better.
2. Try on skates until they are too small, and then go the smallest size available up until it is comfortable.
3. Not really sure, as long as it isn't causing you any problems, but it shouldn't be obviously shallow.
4. It's possibly your skate is beginning to break down and no longer support you as well, as you do have cheap skates.
I sure hope they aren't breaking down already and i'm not sure whether it's causing me any problems since i have virtually no experience in hockey skates and how they should feel on my feet.

From what i have read it doesn't seem to make any difference and is just a slight change between brands.

Thanks for the tip about trying them out, next time i'm there i will try them all out.
Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
comfortable means, comfortable and snug, where there is no movement inside your boot and no hot spots

even if you skate skate 5-6 times a week, that doesn't mean you need a full on composite boot.. its dependant on your intensity and skill levels, but...

I'd go to a play it again and look for a good quality used skate (i.e. Synergy 800, Bauer 5000, tack 652 and up) as that should be sufficient and shouldn't cost nearly as much as a new high end composit boot
I did take a look on the internet for used ones but they didnt fit my size, i'd rather buy new ones as i want them to perfectly fit my feet.

I'm thinking about heat molding them if i buy new ones.

Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
Your skates sound a tad bit big but nothing ridiculous. Better than being too small. Many many people have become great skaters with boots that didn't fit perfect. After lacing up your skates loosely, make sure to pound your blade/holder into your heel so it is back as far as possible, then tighten.This will help lock in your heel.

Skates are not like shoes, you have to tighten them as much as you can. May be less at the toe, but by the 4th or 5th eyelet you should be really cranking them tight.

Skating as much as you are, you are going to improve very fast. Crossovers, backward skating etc. will get stronger every week. Just stay at it, go hard, and have fun!
Thanks alot, the backward skating is killing me. It's all good fun though and i feel like i improve everyday

I've started to push my heel towards the ground while i tie and focus more on the heel section rather then ankles. I'm also no longer lacing the last eyelet as i read it gives the best flexibility when skating and also improving their strength.

I realised now that they are a little big, only by 1 or 1/2 size so it's okay.


Thanks everyone for answering, i feel like i have a better understanding how they should feel and i dont really have that comfortable and snug feeling with these ones so i might look for a pair of new ones.

I have a few in mind

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