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01-07-2012, 08:56 AM
pete goegan
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Pete, you are a good poster, but this one... Sorry man, you are waaay off base on. It's exceeding reasonableness. I can give you multiple real word examples of people that have it far, far worse, don't complain and don't think they need the protection of a union that, in reality, on a lot of issues doesn't even really represent the interest of the players.
Thanks for the compliment, bb, I do appreciate it. Still, I have to disagree. Of course there are many jobs more difficult and dangerous (and much less financially rewarding) than playing NHL hockey; but the NHLPA's job is not to negotiate for them. Obviously, unionization seems less necessary in their situation, until one recalls what sports was like before players had any power over their own careers. In any case, there's no way the average worker can identify with the problems of millionaires disputing with billionaires over work conditions involving chartered flights around North America! That doesn't mean that Fehr and his boys are just going to throw up their hands and allow the league to do as they wish.

My guess is that the ultimate solution being sought by the players association in order to even up the playoff disparity is the addition of two more teams. That solves the unequal division question, reduces the travel issue, and adds 50 or so (dues paying) players to the NHL. I don't know that they can force it (or even openly suggest it), but I see that as a possible resolution to the dispute and one of their ultimate goals.

Some are never going to appreciate the role of unions in high-paying occupations, particularly sports. It's unreasonable, though, to expect those hired to work on behalf of those employees to do less than their aggressive best for their members. Sort of like how defense attorneys have to do their best for even the most despicable of clients!

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