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01-07-2012, 10:52 AM
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*** D Fehr, the guy is such a *****. i wasn't a fan of him being put into this position after what he's done in the past. i also didn't care for him because he's not a hockey guy. the last guy that came into a similar situation was Bettman himself. non-hockey guy, little credibility within the sport, didn't know the culture, etc.

the NHLPA is going to get it's dick kicked in again if they lock out. the league as a whole has brushed off the stigma and stench of the last lockout. it's also in a very good position with its fans and potential fans. quite a few people, myself included, totally shut off the NFL because of last summer's bs. the NBA is in rough shape and if the NHL locks out again they will be in a similar situation.

personally i liked the realignment. i also like the proposed 15 team cross over format. SOMETHING has to be done and these are the best alternatives.

teams like DET, COL, NSH, CHI....the ones that are in the midway point. well guess what you deal with it, you move on. since DET is an original 6 you give them first choice, especially since it was promised to them back in expansion about moving back east. for the teams that have to travel and deal with time zones. deal with it. all you hear about (and this shows the east coast bias in reporting) is how eastern teams have to go 2-3 zones so it effects their fans. well what the west teams when they go east? they start at 430-530, while their fans are at work still or commuting home. they get screwed also, so quit *****ing about it. i stay up until 12-1230 watching the home games, don't hear me *****ing about it. you deal with it.

until the entire US -Canada population and the NHL is in one MASSiVE super city that spans 1 time zone and a few hundred miles across then equal parity won't happen.

the statements of 'it is what it is' because it is. it's cut and dry, it's black-n-white. LA, PHX, SJ, VAN, EDM, etc are located where they are. what universe do you live in that somehow a city is physically moved 500 miles closer to another for 'convenience'?

unless teams physically move and teams are spread out evenly across US-Canada then it will remain like this. since this won't be done, playing in the west will involve more travel. guys *****ing about this can go back to the family farm in Alberta, or the family car dealership in MN and work 9 to 5 if they don't like it. travel is part of pro-sports, deal with it. i travel 100+ days a year knowing its part of my job. quit being a *** cry baby and do your job.

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