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01-07-2012, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by 91Kadri91 View Post
Why am I not surprised you posted this?

You go on about how DeMar needs to play defense, and the only Bargs mention is that he didn't get the ball enough.

Kris Humphries got 9 (!) offensive rebounds. 9. Are you going to blame that on DeMar too?

I've said before that both DD and Bargs need to get touches consistently . DD had a rough night and since it was the guards that lit us up who should take the blame . Also i didn't blame DD for anything and i wasn't the one who limited him to only 27 mins last night .

D-Will blew by whoever was covering him and that made the bigs come over to cover for them and this left no one on Hump . The Nets had 4 more o-boards as a team than us and when you consider they shot only 38 % there's going to be a few extra boards to grab . We switcthed to zone to limit D-Wills damage and they knocked down a bunch of 3's .

Losing to teams with strong guards is nothing new for us . It's pretty typical actually .

Hump was the only player on the nets with more than 5 boards last night . We didn't lose because of rebounds we lost because we couldn't limit d-wills penetration .

On O Jose refused to move the ball to Bargs . He was looking for anyone but Bargs . DD forced a few shots early and Jose did nothing to try to get him an easy bucket to try to get him going .

You seem to think that DD has some Kobe lite potential and if he takes enough shots he will develop into some star type player . Your going to be very disppointed because he doesn't have 1st option star type upside .

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