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01-07-2012, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
I've said before that both DD and Bargs need to get touches consistently . DD had a rough night and since it was the guards that lit us up who should take the blame . Also i didn't blame DD for anything and i wasn't the one who limited him to only 27 mins last night .

D-Will blew by whoever was covering him and that made the bigs come over to cover for them and this left no one on Hump . The Nets had 4 more o-boards as a team than us and when you consider they shot only 38 % there's going to be a few extra boards to grab . We switcthed to zone to limit D-Wills damage and they knocked down a bunch of 3's .

Losing to teams with strong guards is nothing new for us . It's pretty typical actually .

Hump was the only player on the nets with more than 5 boards last night . We didn't lose because of rebounds we lost because we couldn't limit d-wills penetration .

On O Jose refused to move the ball to Bargs . He was looking for anyone but Bargs . DD forced a few shots early and Jose did nothing to try to get him an easy bucket to try to get him going .

You seem to think that DD has some Kobe lite potential and if he takes enough shots he will develop into some star type player . Your going to be very disppointed because he doesn't have 1st option star type upside .
You completely ignored my post, so I really shouldn't be re-posting, but I can't get over how ridiculous this post is.

My post was about Bargnani, and your inability to notice his deficiencies (ie. rebounding/defense), while constantly noticing and discussing DeMar's. Your post was a ramble about rebounding not being an issue, and Bargs being some sort of god, while DeMar isn't Kobe lite. Knock-knock buddy, why are you rambling on about this? It doesn't make sense.

Where the hell did I say anything about DeMar taking more shots would allow him to achieve unrealistic expectations? Please, find that for me. Actually, don't, you'll never find it, and I wouldn't want to waste your 'oh-so-precious' time.

I didn't, and wouldn't, say that DeMar played a great game last night, because he didn't, but I'm going to give you something to ponder; neither did Bargnani.

Sorry to break it to you, but Bargnani has his deficiencies.

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