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11-06-2003, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
HA...ok. That was SOOOOO long ago that it predates the current CBA.
Dallas has not rebuilt since going to Dallas. Colorado has not rebuilt since being in Quebec City. Detroit hasn't rebuilt in a REAL long time.
When was the last time the Devils broke it down to the foundation and started over and missed the playoffs more than one year?

Detroit got Yzerman how long ago? he is 40 isnt he? Sakic and Forsberg were acquired by Quebec. Modano played in Minnesota, too.

You make my point for me. Since the last CBA with more free agency and movement of players, good teams don't rebuild. they evolve. what was the last cup team to miss the playoffs two years in a row at any point after winning the cup?
i think its montreal...thats a LONG TIME AGO.
I think Puckfittsburgh is more correct than you. A team can go 10 years on built up player capital and a few UFAs, which is what teams like Detroit, NJ & Avs have done.

The Quebec-pre-Avs aquired Forsberg and others when they traded their #1 overall pick Lindros. You get the #1 overall pick by sucking. Quebec sucked, they built up a very strong bases of picks and prospects. Those picks and prospects went on to become the core of the Avs but they only aquired them because they had the depth and stink factor to do so. They also bought wisely and expensively, Borque, Blake etc. Avs are aging and running out of depth.

The core of the wings was build in the 80s and 90s. Yzerman, Fedorov, Lidstrom where 80s or early 90s picks. They struggled for years, but eventually the aquired enough good players. Since then they have been adding lots of players through UFA to keep an aging ship propped up. They look to be aging fast and will have to rebuild again soon.

NJ stank for years, and aquired its depth and many of its best players from that time. They also have great scouting and a few smart pickups.

Look at the Rangers as a team that built entirely through UFAs. It stinks. Unless your team can afford a huge payroll (Wings, Avs, Philly etc) you can't take the UFA route to continually prop up an aging team, and you need to go into a rebuild cycle. You can rebuild successfully through the draft. Avs, NJ & Wings did originally. Nucks and Ottawa are doing it now. Tampa is looking better. Florida will eventually get its act together.

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