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11-06-2003, 11:10 AM
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Edmonton Ice!? ha

I've lost track of how many times on this board and other places I've heard people express the hope that maybe a player to be acquired might have more success once they're playing in Edmonton because of the ice there. I've even heard Kevin Lowe express this. So there's good ice in Edmonton so good skaters will have more success... I understand the premise... but I'm not sure I buy it -for example, am I to believe that Todd Marchant was concerned about the impact no longer playing on "Edmonton Ice" might have on his ability to perform when leaving Edmonton or that opposing players that are the best skaters do better when they play in Edmonton? I don't doubt that all players appreciate quality ice like there is in Edmonton, but I find it ridiculous that some people think that it alone is going to make a significant difference on players' careers. I'm sure if we were to look back we could find some significant examples of good skaters who have done just as well or better after leaving Edmonton. Might it have a small impact? Sure, let's just not allow IT to unrealistically raise our hopes that players might be better once in Edmonton. Just my opinion. Thoughts?

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