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PHILADELPHIA – Under the NHL’s new alignment plan, the Ottawa Senators would have been one of the winners: in a seven-team conference with the bulk of their games in the Eastern time zone.

But Senators goalie Alex Auld, the team’s NHLPA representative, said the big picture revealed some potentially huge disparities.
There was the fear that travel would become even worse than it is now for teams in the two western conferences, and that it would also be more difficult for them to make the playoffs, since their conferences would be comprised of eight teams each, one more than each of the two eastern conferences.

That’s why the NHLPA decided not to endorse the league’s realignment plan by the NHL-imposed deadline of Friday.

In response, the league withdrew the plan and announced that next season would be played until the current format.

“We’d asked for more information on how the schedule would be drawn up, the effect of travel, things like that, and the league wasn’t very forthcoming with much information,” said Auld, before Saturday’s game against the Flyers.

“And the other big issue was that it wasn’t an even playing field as far as every player having the same chance of making the playoffs.

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