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Originally Posted by Black Tank View Post
These are like the multitude of posters who want to trade Girardi for some hyped up name they read about a lot on the main board. Since I don't get MSG here and end watching whatever NHL game is on, I see a lot more of the league than most. A lot of top dmen are significantly worse than Girardi just like a significant number of top 6 wings are much worse than Dubinsky, especially when it comes to playing physical and on both ends of the rink. I don't know whether it's the desire to build a fantasy league type of team or whether some people just don't see enough of other teams to know how good some of our players are...
I'm sure there are lots of reasons for it but none of them make any sense. Like I mentioned, people always mention consistency. But that is every single players issue unless you are elite. It's just how it is. Then what happens I think is that you get a few people who are very vocal about things and then it becomes a trend for people. Why, I have no idea. But it does. Then you add in the salary cap and people think that every player who makes more than $1 million isn't living up to their contract. It's almost a guarantee that there are going to be people at the end of the season who are disappointed with Brad Richards and will talk about how he's not worth what he's making. Regardless of how clutch he is and how big of a role he plays this season. When he ends up with 60+ points and not 90 that'll be it. Ever since Dubi missed sprints in training camp people have held that against him and been vocal about him being a greedy, selfish jerk. How that makes sense I'll never understand but since that point the assaults have been constant against him. Throw in this season's poor offensive start and it's all about what a joke of a contract and wow we should/should have traded him. There really must be a lot of people on this board who didn't watch this team during the dark years. Because I don't see how anyone who did can tear Dubinsky apart the way so many on here do. He's a heart and soul guy who plays his ass off for this club. He had a very good year last season and when he is really on he can be dominant. The hate is embarrassing. It's embarrassing. There's no other way to say it.

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