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01-07-2012, 02:05 PM
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So reading around a bit, the NHLPA was concerned about two things: the bias toward the east regarding playoff format(8/14 make it vs 8/16 in the western conferences) and travel concerns.

Basically what would happen under the new alignment was that the average amount of flying for most teams goes up, namely all the big city teams out east. The large outliers like Winnipeg, Minnesota, Dallas, and other western teams go down in travel but the league average actually goes up, if that makes sense.

the NHLPA was okay with this, if they could see example schedules where they could judge whether or not the increased travel would actually affect the players all that much. The NHL could not provide an example schedule in time with the resources they had, so the NHLPA rejected it.

I still disagree with everything, but now I can see where the NHLPA is coming from.

So basically, the current NW division + Winnipeg + Dallas hates the current and Tampa Bay + Florida hate the new, and the latter pair won. It is beyond dumb.

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