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12-19-2005, 10:54 PM
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Finally a first win ever for my ball hockey team! First one in 14 games... We faced a individual team with a very bad goalie. An individual team usually means guys who are beginner players. We won 5-1!

I played a very good game in defense, but alson an easy one as there was was very rarely a threat against us. I had to be in the creast of our goalie only twice, even then it was not for very long. In the previous games we were stuck in our zone praying that the ball comes out eventually... Some of their offensemen tried to get around me with the ball, but they did not know that I have become an expert at stopping that neutralize that kind of play. It's so easy, though. All you have to do is to forget about the ball. You just watch his body moves and you can easily tell what he's gonna do. If he loses the ball, then just take it. If he still has the ball, make sure you'll be in front of him and he does not go any further.

What I did in the offense zone is to forget about scoring goals. The only thing I had in mind was to make sure the ball does not get out of the zone. As soon as I got the ball, I shot it in deep. Those players were telegraphing what they were going to do. You could tell if they would the ball high in the air and where the ball would go. You just had to be there and the ball came to you. I think that anticipation is an essential ingredient to success in hockey. Don't just watch the ball and players going around. Try to predict what is most likely to happen and think about what you should do if this or that happens. For instance, I was running with the ball with an opponent just a few feet in front of me. My partner was about 6 feet behind me. I had nobody to pass the ball to. So I decided to pass the ball to my partner. He was not expecting it, so he missed it. He had to rush back to get it back. After the fact, he complained about this "surprise" pass. There should have never been a surprise there. The problem is not the surprise, but the lack of anticipation on his part. He was guilty of it.

Wednesday might be a different story as we're facing the best team of our division... As our chances to win the game are next to impossible, I will suggest to the captain that we go for a 0-0 game by putting 3 players at the defense position either in defense or offense zone. When we've got the ball beyond the red line, we'll just shoot the ball in the offense zone. In our defense zone, we freeze the ball on the boards, we use our body, and we shoot it out with the minimum of passing. How does it sound like to you? This is called, "Extreme defensive"! I think we have to think not only in terms of what we "should do", but in terms of what we "should NOT do".

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