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01-07-2012, 03:15 PM
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So i'm ripping on DD because i think that even if he's not having a good offensive night i should expect him to give an effort on D ?

Now if you want to talk about Bargs D thats fine . Playing D is much more than just rebounding . His man D is good , his help D is mediocre but improving and they also have him playing up top for the most part and he is doing what the coach is asking of him .

Bargs is avg 5.4 defensive rebounds a game which 32nd in the league . There are only 12 players that avg 7 or more defensive rebounds at this moment .

Where Bargs has been piss poor is his offensive boards . The reason for this is his poor rebounding instincts combined with playing outside as well as Casey having him get back on D instead of going to the offensive glass .

Now in saying this i'm not trying to imply that Bargs is actually a decent rebounder . I'm just pointing put that he's not as bad as some people think . Also , the reason i broke down his rebound stats is that you mentioned Bargs D .

I also didn't ignore your post 91Kadri91 . You mentioned Humps 9 O boards to slag Bargs . The fact is however that Bargs wasn't the only one covering him and Casey usually has Bargs up top so your blame should go elsewhere . I also didn't say rebounding wasn't an issue but the nets only grabbed 4 more O-boards than we did and 5 overall . This isn't what i would call getting killed on the glass . Also don't forget they shot a brutal 39% from the field which gives them a few extra boards to go after .

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