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01-07-2012, 04:42 PM
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Kim Comeau
L'équipe du Parti Québécois de Vaudreuil participera à la manifestation. C'est un devoir de protéger notre langue dans la métropole. Bonne manifestation à tous!

It's so ****ing stupid... It's not even about hockey and our team anymore, it's about buying votes and crying/getting mad for nothing. Sometimes I'm ashamed of being Quebec.. People like that slow the progress a community makes together.

Quebec is a bilingual province and the Montreal Canadiens marketing/media coverage offer premium french content to it's fans and the only thing that changed recently is that the friggen coach can't express himself in french. Why the hell does that matter dammit.. The language spoken in the NHL is ENGLISH so deal the **** with it!

Honêtement ça devient vraiment honteux... On va encore faire attirer l'attention pour des mauvaises raisons dans ligue... Je trouve ça vraiment pas correcte pour Randy. C'est de la discrimination pointer quelqu'un parce qu'il parle pas la langue de ton choix.

The best exemple I can come up with is Yemelin. He came here to Montreal not speaking 1 word of english or french yet most of our fan base french/english welcomed him opened arms and wishing him the best of luck with us. Why can't we just do the same thing with Randy? He's a human being like anyone of us and he SURELY doesn't deserve that..

I'm sorry but these kind of things piss me off pretty darn hard. Je suis désolé mais criss que ce genre de truc la me pompe solide..

Anyways, let's hope we'll have a great show tonight like last game!

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