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01-07-2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
So i'm ripping on DD because i think that even if he's not having a good offensive night i should expect him to give an effort on D ?

Now if you want to talk about Bargs D thats fine . Playing D is much more than just rebounding . His man D is good , his help D is mediocre but improving and they also have him playing up top for the most part and he is doing what the coach is asking of him .

Bargs is avg 5.4 defensive rebounds a game which 32nd in the league . There are only 12 players that avg 7 or more defensive rebounds at this moment .

Where Bargs has been piss poor is his offensive boards . The reason for this is his poor rebounding instincts combined with playing outside as well as Casey having him get back on D instead of going to the offensive glass .

Now in saying this i'm not trying to imply that Bargs is actually a decent rebounder . I'm just pointing put that he's not as bad as some people think . Also , the reason i broke down his rebound stats is that you mentioned Bargs D .

I also didn't ignore your post 91Kadri91 . You mentioned Humps 9 O boards to slag Bargs . The fact is however that Bargs wasn't the only one covering him and Casey usually has Bargs up top so your blame should go elsewhere . I also didn't say rebounding wasn't an issue but the nets only grabbed 4 more O-boards than we did and 5 overall . This isn't what i would call getting killed on the glass . Also don't forget they shot a brutal 39% from the field which gives them a few extra boards to go after .
I would go more in-depth, but there's only a couple relevant points in your post.

First of all, I'm well aware there's much more to defense then just rebounding, but unlike you, I'm able to tell the difference between good and not-so-good defense. Bargnani is a fairly good man-to-man defender. His help-defense, however, is nowhere near mediocre, it's simply awful. That, however, can be covered up (to an extent) with a good defensive system (which we've seen). This brings me to my second point.

You claim that rebounding is a team responsibility which is, to an extent, true. It's funny though, that you fail to realize that defense is also a team responsibility.

Our defensive system is set-up in a way that helps our bigs. We (the Raptors) collapse on the inside, making it very difficult for opposing teams to get easy baskets by clogging the lane, and forcing passes to the outside. I, personally, really like this system, however it can leave the perimeter wide-open, which was shown in last nights game. It's the teams responsibility to be aware if this and help each other out, not one player's.

Oh well, continue living in your dream world, in which DeMar is an NBA D-Leaguer and Andrea Bargnani is the next coming of Larry Bird.

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