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01-07-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mrcontractor View Post
I don't even know why the players have a say in this. Just play and ****. If I want to reorg my company, I will. Especially for the money these clowns get.
I sounded off about teams moving etc. Some fans don't think teams should be able to move where I say it is a business and if the owners want to up and move their team then they should be able to and that goes for the O6 teams also say Molson or Wirtz etc got an offer from a city saying he we will build you a 25K seat barn and you won't have to pay any municipal taxes etc then why shouldn't they be able to up and move their team. Just like the players are saying no we don't want re alignment they can strike if the NHL tries to push it through or the teams can lock out the players if they force their hand etc. This is all a business and things never usually go as smoothly as one would like.

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