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Originally Posted by Teddy10Beers View Post
Doesn't surprise me that the average travel time for the league would go up (probably by a relatively small amount). Under the new plan every team plays at least one home-away with every other team in the league. The Atlantic and NE would actually have to travel a little more.

If the PA is really using the argument that overall travel goes up as one of a reasons for nixing this, they are being disingenuous (shocking ... I know). Any discussion of travel time should include the starting point (i.e. acknowledging the huge disparity that currently exists in favor of the Atlantic and NE divisions) and changes in time zones. Look at the NE, three teams in the NY metro area, Philly less than 100 miles from NY, and Pittsburgh about 375 miles from NY. Basically these guys only spend a few nights each year away from home. And they don't have to go through the PIA of going through customs that often when they do travel.

The other argument I see that the PA is offering is the bias of the playoff format in favor of the East. My first reaction to the proposed playoff format was that the league was giving the East an incentive to get them on board. Perhaps the league made a mistake by not making this two separate issues for the PA to approve or decline. Can't the playoff format be negotiated separately from the issue of realignment?

In the end I view this simply as the PA telling the Board of Governors that the players run the league, not the BoG.
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