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11-06-2003, 12:11 PM
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One Step Forward, Four Years Back

I worte this for today

One step forward, 4 years back November 6/03

Hawk fans should press charges against the Blackhawks organization for theft and assault causing bodily harm. Once again there hopes and dreams were taken away from them and they were kicked in the preverbal testicles at the same time. Yesterday Bob "Pully" Pulford (a.k.a Mr. Smithers) took over as the clubs GM.....again. It's the fourth time he has been general manager of the Blackhawks. And one was to many. Also according to The Score radio station in Chicago, Dale Tallon was promised the GM job when Pully steps down. Dale Tallon. The Hawks colour commentator on Fox Sports. The same guy who has about as much eye for talent as Ellen Degeneress has for....well as much talent as Ellen Degeneress has. Hawk fans never thought they would see the day that they missed Mike Smith. But they do now.Along with the new positions given out the Hawks let go some key figures in the rebuilding process they started. As part of a front office realignment, the Blackhawks have fired assistant GM Nick Beverley. Director of Player Evaluation Marshall Johnston and Director of Amateur Scouting Bill Lesuk have also been dismissed. "Dale has had experience in the scouting end of the business and he has done a very good job," said Pulford. "We think his hockey knowledge will be a great benefit to the Blackhawks in all areas." That statement alone should tell Hawk fans how screwed up this team really is. Bill Wirtz (a.k.a Mr. Burns) once again has set this organization on the path straight back to the dark ages. Hawk fans have seen this all before. Wirtz is getting no money at the gate and has a very young team. Dump the youngsters for veteran's and squeeze into the 8th or 7th spot in the playoffs and get at least one round of playoff money and abandon the rebuilding process. "This is a great opportunity for me," said Tallon. "Down deep this is always something I wanted to do and the time is right. After seeing kids like McCarthy, Vorobiev, Leighton, and Ruutu, I always felt that I had some unfinished business. I was a part of those drafts and it's great to see these kids contributing to our team." But why do I get the feeling they will contributing to other teams. I don't care how proud Tallon is for helping draft these kids, if Wirtz tells Tallon to jump Tallon will be saying "how high sir?" Meaning if he wants to dump the rebuilding process Tallon has no say in it. It will happen with or without him. RIP Chicago Blackhawks Rebuilding Movement 1999-2003. 42 years and no cup. Hold on Hawk fans you may be in for at least 42 more. Satan lives and he owns the Hawks.

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