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11-06-2003, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by barto
Well, Horcoff's trade value is probably pretty low right now, esp. compared to the end of last season when he played very well down the stretch & in the playoffs, then continued that into the World Championships. So the summer should've seen his trade value at its highest... and I'm not sure that Lowe & Co. are ready to give up on him yet either, after seeing how well he CAN play. He's sure been given lots of opportunities to show his stuff, so perhaps the Oilers figure he needs a change of scenery (sorta like Cleary, although he hasn't really blossomed since being let go).

I can see the 'haggling' between GMs going something like this:

Lowe: OK, you can have Comrie if I get Stefan and Coburn.
Waddell: Hmmm...make it Exelby instead of Coburn.
Lowe: No, I don't want Exelby as much.
Waddell: Well, the only way I'll give up Coburn is if you throw in Horcoff and Rita.
Lowe: I'd give you Rita if you throw in a 2nd-round pick but not Horcoff.
Waddell: Make it a 3rd-round pick, but Exelby instead of Coburn
Lowe: No, I said I didn't want Exelby much. OK, look, Stefan/Coburn/3rd-round pick, we give you Comrie, Rita and our 4th.
Waddell: Make that Exelby instead of Coburn and you got a deal.
Lowe: -click-
LOL! that's probably it!

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