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01-07-2012, 07:38 PM
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I posed a question yesterday in a thread that went largely un-noticed. How do they look at practice when they scrimmage? Are they having the same problem scoring at practice? I know practice and games are different, at the same time a lot can be determined. At practice is there a lack of scoring also?

At this point personally I think there is a lack of skill. Their shots are either wide or dead center on net. To me that is guys that can't thread the needle. Their target is "on net". It isn't picking a corner, or a hole. When they do go for the corner, they shoot wide. They try compensate and then they drill it into the chest protector. I'm not talking a few guys on this roster, I am talking everyone on this team. Again it screams. LA NEEDS A SNIPER!

Worse I think their decision making is absolutely awful. Guys hold the puck to long all the stinking time. The PP and especially the 5 on 3's that puck should be moving constantly. Snap! Snap! Snap! None of this hold, fake shot, hold, fake again....then pass/shoot. Their shooting skill is horrible, but the decision making makes things 10x's worse. Delayed decisions allow defenders and goalies to get in position. Fast decisions that lead to quick puck movement, get defenders/goalies out of position and suddenly it's easier to score.

JJ and DD on the point have been awful, they are over analyzing every PP. You either have a shot or you don't. It's that simple. You don't, then move the damn puck. Personally I can't wait for VV to get back. He was moving the puck better. WW does a better job now also. He either shoots or moves it.

This doesn't apply to just the PP. It's also very apparent on the breakout, transition and 5on5 situations. The decision making overall is just to slow overall. I sit and watch the guys hitting seams down the slot or backside. Do they NOT see the same guys? Are they so trained, in-grained from TMu on making these passes they just ignore them? The last few games they seem to have gone back to a more N-S game. The first few games with BBF I was seeing more cross ice movement, or bring it back around the weak side. They seem to have gotten away from this again.

Penner being scratched, I am praying he's on a flight out in the next 24-hours. I can't stomach watching him any longer. The guy/gal cutting that paycheck must get queezy and sick to their stomach every time that check is cut. $4M+ for what? At this point I would rather see Westie out there every game, rather than Penner. At least Westie will take the body. That alone is an improvement.

Enough with MR on Kopi's line. It doesn't work. How many more times do we have to seem them bumping into each other? They bump into each other because they both are playing C out there. They are both reading the play the same, instead of one of them looking to setup for a shot. Especially MR, I've seen him numerous times now go in on the puck as if Kopi is even near it. LA needs scoring and stacking these two on one line makes it easy for the opposing team to stack its D. With Gag's out, there is an issue for his LW obviously but this ain't working.

BBF has brought some much needed energy. There has been improvement and the team has taken steps forward away from the tailspin they were in with TMu. At the same time more needs to happen and I still don't think DS will ultimately get them there. Especially with the current setup. If you want Sutter as your coach, then you give me full control within his responsibilities. That includes the asst coaches. Personally the only asst that goes untouched without question is B Ranford. There is no issue with the keepers. Stevens coaching of the D is damn good, but how/what impact is it having on offensive output. As a result he has to be considered as well.

Over on Surly-Scribe's blog I said flat out this will be the "worse decision" in team history. The longer that DL & DS are around and they keep trying to hammer the square peg in the round hole mentality....this team will flounder. My fear is DL will keep 'tinkering' with the parts to the point the roster, prospects and picks are back to 2006 levels.

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