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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
Why is that so hard to believe? I mean players slump. Kopitar does it every year, and he is a very skilled Guy(has done it under Two different coaches now).

Richardson/Lewis/clifford/Fraser/Westy have never been big producers(or even Average). Why did anyone expect them to be all of a sudden ?

I am just seeing what I see, a team that can't score. That has already fired a Coach.
Kopi is 1 one guy.

What I find it hard to believe is that people think that it is one 1 player or another who is slumping when EVERYONE is "slumping". That it is the team or the players when everyone is supposed to be "slumping" is just silly to me.

It is clearly a case of the players doing what they are being told to do and then executing to the best of their abilities. Shooting wide and hitting a goalie dead center is just a signature characteristic of players who are gripping too hard and trying to do things in a manner that they aren't accustomed to doing.

Maybe it is a case of the guys on the point worrying about the manner at which they cycle or how fast they have to be moving laterally in order to be in position to receive a pass and then drop zone in order to stay in the system.

There are a ton of variables but why in the world would so many players go on scoring slumps at the same time? How in the world could an entire team be having their worst offencive records of all time at the same time that team scoring is at its lowest in team history?

It IS the system that is the problem and it to me it just simply ISN'T the players or at least we haven't any way of knowing which if any of the players that it might be.

I do agree that having MR on the same line as Kopi puts all of our eggs in one basket and makes us waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too predictable to play against.

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