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01-07-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by FROMSHORETOCHARA View Post
[He had no intention of fighting Shawn Thornton he is not a stupid person.

Maybe not but he is a sissy, fits in perfect on that pathetic team. Horton hasn't fought much if at all this year, has said he is technically healthy but not feeling right after concussion. Weimp, er weisse, has 10 guys on Bruins willing to go with him, he ignores 9 of them and fights the one with PCS.

Also, feigning a fight is unsportsman like behavior, he deserved 2. Exposed as a spotpicker and AHL bum.

Oh, and I love thornton but lets face it, he isn't exactly John Scott, he is a 6-1, 6-2 at most, 215 pound technical fighter. And Weisee backs down? Come on.

Sedin scampering to bench during scum was a terrible thing to watch, heck of a talent but literally no shame in him, just gutless and not the least bit ashamed of it.

I have read some canucks fans saying glad they figured out Thomas, it will be helpful in the finals. Finals? Detroit, Chicago, even San Jose..Vancouver as constituted is not going to the finals.

Talented enough but way too soft and I don't just mean fighting, Detroit doesn't fight but they aren't soft.

Canucks are an embarrassment. In 2012, Bruins will need to beat a real team to repeat.[/QUOTE]

Weise was in a long fight. Thornton is a legit heavyweight who's dropped them with pretty much every heavyweight in the league over the last decade. Weise is not a great fighter to begin with. He was trying to draw a penalty.

He's not a sissy for not fighting Thornton while tired from a previous fight, honestly he'd have trouble fighting Thornton if Thornton had just finished competing in a triathlon.

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