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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
which is why DL needs to stop trading picks away. most NHL players are 1st and 2nd round guys. the drop off for guys picked in Rd 3+ is substantial, especially from the 4th +. I was reading an article about it weeks ago, but can't remember where so I can't find it. It was something like a 50-75% decreased chance of ever making a NHL roster if they are drafted in the 3rd round or later.

this also begs another question when it comes to DL's 1st and 2nd round decisions. for starters i still wish LA had the #1 in 2008. with it they would have taken Stamkos and this team would look very different. it likely also could be further along in it's 5-year plan. somehow DL has better success with guys in the late rounds 4+, than with guys from the top 3 rounds. personally i don't understand how a guy that is so detail and stats oriented can miss here. the guys in the top rounds have more eyes and evals done on them, so there is less to 'not know' about them. for w/e reason though DL has been missing Rd 1, 2 and 3 to the detriment of the team today.
In round Two he has at least picked some roster players. Slava/Simmer/Clifford ETC. But lets face it, f you want a Cup in the cap era. You need to have drafts like Chicago/Boston are having. Lucic/Marchand in same draft type of Drafts.

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