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01-07-2012, 08:09 PM
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honestly he'd have trouble fighting Thornton if Thornton had just finished competing in a triathlon.[/QUOTE]

That's a pretty good line, well done.

As far as code goes, if weisse has fought quaider, or looch, or chara, I would totally agree that he didn't owe anyone a 2nd fight, especially thornton the bruins 4th line tough guy.

BUT, the reason thornton was so mad at him was because he felt weisee broke the code by fighting a first line player with PCS, rather than a fellow fighter.

Same thing with hansen, normally if mcqauid went after a player like him, even I, as a bruins fan, would say what the heck is he doing going after a non fighter. But if you spear a guy in the nuts, you can't turn around and say "I don't believe in violence in hockey".

And if you break the code like weisse did by fightng horton, I think Weisse really looks silly hiding behind the code and refusing to fight for a 2nd time.

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