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11-06-2003, 02:01 PM
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When I was a kid I had a head injury (explains allot huh) and after I had the worst migranes that you could imagine for a couple of years. They called them cluster headaches. Of course, this was the 60's (late) and meds have come a long way since then but I can tell you that I will never forget the absolute and completely debilitating pain that came with them. I stopped having them after a couple of years (as said) but still would get them once in awhile for the rest of my life. IF Ally is having them then I don't blame him for waiting until they stop before he does anything. They would shoot me full of Morophine and other things and it still would be pure misery. Finally when one would come on they would just give me a shot and then put me to sleep for 24 hours until it went away. Get better Allison.

Of course, if you don't do it soon I hope you enjoy your next team but do get better first.

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