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01-07-2012, 09:34 PM
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After reading Sutter's post game comments, I'm not expecting any changes. He doesn't seem too concerned.
I saw the video of his post game remarks and I didn't get why he wasn't angry or upset. How do you go 0 for 8 on PP? And why isn't he concerned with that?
He outta make this team bag and skate tomorrow.

How can this team look Quick in the eye in the locker room? How many L's does have that he doesn't deserve like today?

IS sutter the only person who can't see the major MAJOR fail in having Richards at LW? It didn't work the first game and it didn't today and it won't this week. He 's not comfortable there ,which is why Briere and Carter did the Wing in Philly when required. How many times did he and Kopi end up skating into each other or in the same place? He's far too skilled at center...put him back there. Williams is the only winger (I think) who hasn't played with Ricahrds yet. Put him and Stoll on Ricahrds wing, why could it hurt...

Unless Sutter isn't upset becaues he knows there is a trade coming???

I really thought after this lackluster effort , he'd at least be fired up....

They need a major shakeup and a big trade...

How can they not be embarrased being shut out by the bluejackets?

Don't they have any pride?

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