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01-07-2012, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
94 is slightly above the current point pace of the Leafs, who are in 8th. If the Habs don't need to beat Toronto (likely) then they need to beat out Ottawa, who are full value for their record.

To get to 90, the Habs need to get 51 points in 41 games, so a 102 point pace. Doable, but much more likely to land the Habs in 9th or 10th than in the playoffs.

TO's overall point percentage is .570. That's what I was going for. Montreal needs .670 on the final 41 games to match that point percentage over 82. That's 55 points over 41 games, which is probably the minimum required to make the playoffs, give or take a win.

You're free to believe the Habs can make the playoffs, it certainly is your right as a fan, but it's unfortunately extremely unlikely.
I know you're getting flack, but I agree with you. It can happen, but practically speaking, it won't. Too big of a hole.

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