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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
He (Bourdon) still should be in the minors learning. When he feels any pressure he tends to cough it up or make a rookie mistake. Not a knock just a fact. He is only what 22?
I think a few people are being overly critical of Bourdon. You have to realize that rookies are going to make "rookie mistakes" sometimes....Couturier and Schenn have made horrendous turnovers at times, but by and large, they get a pass. And they should. Why? Well, if you're going to play rookies, you have to be willing to live with some bonehead plays as these guys acclimate. Ideally, the Flyers would have a healthy Pronger and Gus continuing to develop his NHL level game but **** happens. The thing about Bourdon though,imo, is that, despite a few visible mistakes, he makes some very heady plays at times...I've seen several times where he's been able to handle a pressure situation in his own zone with poise and skill. He's a strong dude with a little size and plays with a physical edge, which is a big plus. I am perhaps most impressed with his ability to stand up and challenge opponents physically, as they come across the blueline. The other night he scuttled a dangerous looking attack by Toews, angling him off to the boards with a strong stick and then bodied him off the puck for a Flyer to take posession. He did it again tonight (forget against who)...both of those plays were very effective and to me, really impressive because that kind of play is usually the stuff of solid NHL defensemen. Bourdon's offensive game hasn't blossomed in the NHL yet but he has shown some good ability to transition and join the play in the attack zone and doesn't look terrible on the pp when he get's a sniff of it.

With what I'm seeing him do at both ends of the ice, rookie growing pains notwithstanding, I think Bourdon has the tools and real potential as a top four dman in this league. The experience he's getting now should pay dividends later.

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