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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
And for the record, 6-1-3 (now 6-2-3) sounds really impressive until you just tally up wins and losses and then it is 6-5 under Sutter...not materially different than TM record. And the team is scoring less. So yeah, happy days...
No, 6-1-3, unless I am missing a game, today was the first loss in regulation under Sutter,

And if I tally it up, that's 15 points out of a possible 20,

Where are all the guys now with the percentage points BS?

Oh wait, that argument doesn't work anymore as the Kings are trending up...

Trending, really, I used trending, shoot me now...please.

Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Most of the people talking about DL in these threads have been disillusioned with DL for a while or have voiced concerns in the past. Look through the old topics. In the one I linked I was being critical of DL two and a half years ago.

There's no need to denigrate people because you don't agree with their views of the team.
I'm not trying to denigrate anyone,

I said what I felt, and that was that pretty much.

You guys can certainly have your views on it and all, and some might feel that Taylor was a great GM and built the Kings foundation well and solid until we were teeming with prospects...

That's fine...

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