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01-08-2012, 12:42 AM
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First off, the Flyers won't be giving up any of their top 4 dmen in season this year. If the deal actually IS for somebody + Coburn then that deal won't be made until AFTER the season is over and we have a chance to structure our defense for the year accordingly.

Second, Bobby Ryan is EAXCTLY the type of player we were hoping JVR would develop into when we drafted JVR. Yes Ryan is having a down year and it can raise speculation that much of his success was the result of his linemates (them having a down year is the reason for Ryan having a bad year) but you can't deny that Ryan IS an excellent player and one of the top skilled scoring forwards in the league. If we could trade JVR for Ryan straight up we'd do it in a heartbeat, make no mistake about it. I love JVR as much as anybody and I fully expect him to reach the same level as Ryan but there is still a good chance that he doesn't and if you can get a TRUE top line LW for your struggling (albeit because of injuries or not) young HOPEFULLY top line LWthen you do it and oyu don't look back.

third, if a deal is to be made inseason it will likely be something like JVR + 2012 1st rnd pick + Marshall/MAB. That's more than either Carter or Richards returned in their trades but in all honesty, Ryan HAS more value than Richards or Carter did. It's probably less than what their fans want in return for Ryan (they are expecting a kings ransome in return for him if you read on the trade/rumors board) and probably more than Philly fans want to give up. Regardless of whether any of us want to give up this much or not, it's most likely pretty close to what he'd return in a trade and you can bet your ass that Holmgren is in the trade discussion talks regarding Bobby Ryan.

On a side note, if the trade talks are for Schenn instead of JVR, then the Flyers are most likely discussing Ryan Getzlaf and not Bobby Ryan. Of course the Flyers would most likely have to add to the 1st plus Marshall/MAB to get the other Ryan but with a one two three punch of Giroux, Getzlaf and Couturier we'd be as dangerous down the middle as even the Pens IMO (plus we'd have much better depth at wing too).

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